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There are no real prerequisites to becoming an SES volunteer.  You just need to have the time and dedication to put in to the training, development and response duties of the unit.  It’s essential new members have a basic interest in assisting their local community through very challenging situations.

The unit’s primary response is road crash rescue and it is service we are required to provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The number of jobs is increasing each year and with a rapidly growing population in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park, we must ensure we have sufficient members to meet this demand.  Also the apparent changes in the climate has seen severe storm activity increase with a corresponding increase in demand for the unit’s resources and members. We are also keen to hear from people who may not want to turn out to road rescues but may be able to assist with the ever increasing administration tasks such as finance, record keeping, membership and welfare.

What commitment do you need to make?
The unit trains every Wednesday night and members are required to attend at least 60% of training. The unit is involved in many other activities such as fund raising and public awareness events and we ask members to participate where they can. Thorough training and support is provided to all members no matter what level of skill you bring.

How do you join?
New members can ring the SES on 1300 842 737 or they can contact the unit directly by registering their interest via the form below. Prospective members are always welcome to come to the unit on training nights (Wednesday at 7.00pm) and talk to the members and have a look around the unit.

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