General Training

Training runs throughout the year and is held on Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm till 10.00pm, covering most aspects of SES work. Training can consist of mock ups of road accidents and the removal of victims; search and rescue in both urban and rural environments; increasing vehicle skills; general rescue techniques; rooftop rescue techniques; maintenance of vehicles and equipment; knots and lashings; problem solving and first aid.

There are also events within the SES Craigieburn community to increase team bonding such as camping and community events.

New Member Training

When a person registers to become a member of the SES, a new member training course is provided to develop skills required. Training will last between 12 – 15 weeks and will cover a wide variety of skills and situations, including knots and lashings, forming anchors, how to handle a stretcher, how to use hand-held hydraulic equipment, using the generators on the vehicles, and setting up lighting.

On completion of basic training, you will undergo a final examination.