The Craigieburn VICSES Unit is proud to serve the communities within the Hume and Whittlesea Councils. Its range extends north to Beveridge, west to Oaklands Junction, and Yuroke, south to through Roxburgh Park and Somerton and east to Wollert and Eden Park. Craigieburn SES Unit also provides backup support to neighbouring SES Units if required.

Our capabilities

Beyond the general rescue duties that all active members are qualified to do, there are also some unit members who have undertaken specialised training in the fields of:

  • USAR (Urban Search and Rescue)
  • Chainsaw
  • Boating
  • Rooftop
  • Search and Rescue
  • 4 Wheel Driving
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Road Accident Rescue

Vehicles and Equipment

Craigieburn Unit has three vehicles at its disposal, two of which are road accident certified.

Rescue 1
Rescue 1 is a Hino Heavy Rescue truck assigned to Craigieburn Unit in May 2010. Rescue 1 is the primary turn out vehicle for the unit and is equipped with all of the tools that we would require on a job, such as generators, the cutters and spreaders, hydraulic and air powered tools, stretchers, ropes, blankets, first aid kits, acroprops, chocks, chainsaws, climbing harnesses and ladders for generalised rescue. Rescue 1 replaces the old truck (Rescue 2) which gave the unit 20 years of service.

Rescue Support
Rescue Support is a converted Ford Courier Ute that is road accident certified. It was donated to the Unit by Hume City Council in 2004 and fitted out with a generator and a set of Holmatro jaws.

Craigieburn Transport
Craigieburn Transport is a recently acquired Nissan Patrol. Its primary role is to function as a back up to the other vehicles, and would be used to attend jobs, run recons, allow members to travel to training venues or other functions as required.


Aside from the three rescue vehicles, Craigieburn Unit also has a small boat for water rescue, as well as a storm trailer equipped with water pumps and hoses.